As a Harcourts Auctions accredited listing agent, Michael offers sellers a unique blend of expertise in both auction and traditional listing methods.

He has an extensive background in real estate and finance and is also an excellent choice for home buyers looking for creative finance ideas and strategies to get their offer accepted.

Michael is a compassionate and community-minded individual. He serves as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for Voices for Children, dedicating his time and guidance to a child in the San Diego County foster care system.


What is an Auction Listing?

The term "Listing" refers to a home for sale in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Auction listings are proactive marketplace disruptors that provoke the market into producing the highest possible selling price in the shortest amount of time by exponentially increasing market exposure and driving up buyer emotions.

As an alternative to traditional listings, Auction Listings are managed by Harcourts Auctions accredited team members on a proprietary platform with a proven track record of over 130 years of success, all over the world.

The goal of our auction team is to produce the highest possible market price and the best results for our client, the seller. Harcourts Auctions promotes luxury properties for sale at market prices and does not list distressed property for sale by auction.

Harcourts Auctions listings are published in the MLS at a low starting bid price.

What is a Traditional Listing?

A traditional listing is the same kind of listing you've seen the industry use since the dawn of time. It is what every real estate agent you know is prepared to do with your home. Place the listing on the MLS, put a sign in the yard and hope for success.

It's more of a "hold and hope" strategy that stays active as long as it takes with no urgency and no end in sight and with possible price reductions along the way.

Traditional listings are published in the MLS at a market high, list price.